Look what I did this weekend

My wife and I recently bought a house and moved (thank you, Obama!), which means aaaaalllllll the toys had to be packed up, and now they're aaaaalllllll being unpacked again. The toys live in the basement, which is ridiculously '70s chic (what with the wood paneling on the walls and all), but at least there will be room for them. Eventually. Anyway, I made this little display:

The Marvel Select boxes are all empty, and the packaged figures are all there only until I open them - arranged like this, it makes it easier to see what there is to review. Still, it's so cool to walk downstairs and see stuff arranged nicely, waiting to be played with. Go toys!

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  1. Aaron Chambers says:

    I want my house to look like this...y'know, when I have one of my own!

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