OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 1

Prepare for the OAFEnet Email Update to scare your socks off!

Well, not yet. "Prepare" as in "it's going to happen later." October means Horror Month, but this update covers the end of September.

  • We've been working on this week's Joe Friday for quite a while - it's a massive beast, and technically the second half of one we posted before.
  • If we'd been thinking ahead, we would have saved this review for five days, because it would have worked perfectly for Horror Month. This guy is basically a voodoo priest, right? He's raising zombies all over the place, and they do his bidding. What else do you call that?
  • Sunday's Star Wars review has a reused body that's been seen over and over in the past, but surprisingly, it's NOT a Stormtrooper or an R2 unit.
  • Want to see a little bit of yo's toy collection? Here's a small photo.
  • If you're a fan of misleading, out-of-context excerpts, then you'll love Marvel Monday, which drew attention with the phrase "golden boob-bang." It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Everyone loves a sexy biker chick - that's why Artemis was in charge of this week's Transformers Tuesday.
  • And speaking of Artemis, have you heard the big news in female action figures? DST is going to be making Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose toys. That's "big" news in more ways than one!
  • Poe came through with another DC review this week, one that's not really Horror Month-ready, but does have a bit of a connection to the weather lately.
  • And finally, our first official 2009 Horror Month review - after all, what's more traditionally Halloweeny than melanoailurophobia?
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