OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 15

Prepare for the Rob Zombie remake of the OAFEnet Email Update.

Horror Month at OAFE rolls merrily along, and we've even got the Halloween decorations up. Visit any page on OAFEnet and you'll see how we celebrate.

  • Some may question whether or not Joe Friday is really horror-related. A demonic ghost-ninja with powers from beyond the grave? That's a Halloween costume waiting to happen!
  • And speaking of costumes, Saturday's review has the word right there in the title - well, as long as you can translate it from its original language.
  • The beginning of the month means it's time to see what's available in the new Previews catalog. It's a slim month, but there's at least one item that's never been announced before.
  • Last week we wrapped things up with a related pair of reviews, and we added one more to the set this week. This is easily the most important of the three, the one to get even if you ignore all others.
  • Marvel Monday takes a look at a character a lot of fans have been waiting for - and also the guy who is lucky enough to share his two-pack and thus have guaranteed sales.
  • With someone wearing pieces of a corpse, the power of a longtime villain, and a looming threat from the herald of the darkest force in all of creation, this Transformers Tuesday may be the most terrifying we've ever run.
  • We went digging to the bottom of the toybox for Wednesday's review, an old toy with even older inspirations.
  • And we end the week with a review that isn't actually a toy and isn't actually horror, but once you see it, you won't care about either of those.

Remember, you can keep up on all our Horror Month goodness by visiting the dedicated section linked from every page on the site. Scare yourself silly!

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