OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, November 19

The OAFEnet Email Update continues to exist.

  • JOE FRIDAY! You get a unique version of Duke, two re-uses of that killer Cobra Trooper sculpt, a BAT that looks like it will murder you in your sleep, and a darker Cobra Commander, plus a really cool missile launcher accessory straight from the cartoon. The backdrop is the overgrown bunker seen in the "Now You Know" promotional short from SDCC '08...
  • Booster Gold uses the "buff male" body, the same one used for Batman and Superman. The only new sculpting is the head, forearms, and gloves. There are actually two versions of this figure available - modern Booster Gold has the costume he's wearing in the comics, more or less, while the "classic" variant has a slightly different paint scheme... more
  • Rob Schrab's "Scud" was part of the '90s indie comics boom. "Bone," "Strangers in Paradise," "Castle Waiting"... this was the crowd Scud ran with. The book had a very trippy kind of cool - hell, just read the description of Jeff in the bio. Does that sound normal? I even made a custom Scud myself from a Robocop toy, but it was pretty crappy... more
  • MARVEL MONDAY! Harking back to Marvel Legends' glory days, the Gigantic Battles sets each come with a reprint comicbook. This set includes "Secret Invasion" #6, which definitely doesn't feature Skrull Giant-Man, but is the turning point of the series, as the heroes rally for the inevitable underdog comeback. And it does have Captain America...
  • TRANSFORMERS TUESDAY! Recognizing the importance of the burgeoning collector market way before any of their contemporaries, Hasbro was the first company to offer an online store and exclusives. Yes, today HasbroToyShop is the prime example of a corporate store done right, but in the late '90s, we had HasbroCollectors. It featured unreleased figures...
  • Lego, like pizza and sex, has very few bad permutations. Last season's Mars Mission, for all its creepy aliens, was kind of plausible in its own way: if you stretched your mind a bit, you could imagine vehicles like those being deployed if NASA ever got really serious about extra-terrestrial colonization, and got a big enough budget to let their R+D go... more
  • Siliskk's body is a modified version of the queen's - she gets new smooth arms and her abdomen looks a bit thinner - Alluxandra is clearly wearing a shirt, evinced by the wrinkles and the large seam running down the center, but Siliskk's midriff is bare. In fact, most of her is bare: this girl's got her intricate metallic top, knee-high leather... more
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