Flippin' Through Previews - December '09

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in February.

We get toys right on the cover this month - DST's Iron Man 2 figure gets the spotlight.

There's a new pair of Ame-Comi figures this month - Supergirl and Steel. They're on page 124.

On page 125, you can order the Batman: Reborn Series 1 toys, with four never-before-made characters, including two Batmans and two allies.

DC has more videogame toys on the horizon. See page 132 for the Heavenly Sword and Twisted Metal figures. Wow!

Speaking of "wow," there are two series of resolicited World of Warcraft toys on page 133. If you ordered them before, you'll need to do so again.

Supposedly the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance toys will be in stores this month.

There's nothing in the Image section this month (i.e., no McFarlane Toys), so we skip right to the back. On page 313, you can order the Marvel Select Iron Man 2 War Machine with Don Cheadle's face.

Minimates Series 34 and 35 are listed on page 314. 34 is Jim Lee-era X-Men, while 35 is all about Iron Man 2.

BSG fans will dig the Cylon two-pack on page 315, which pairs a modern Cylon with his old-timey counterpart.

Here's a surprise: you can order the DC Universe Series 7 Big Barda variant all by herself. See page 320 for info.

Want a peek at the new Freddy Kreuger design? See page 323 for a Living Dead Doll and a Mez-It. And as long as we're on Mez-Itz, flip over to 326 to see Clash of the Titans' Perseus.

There's a list of Iron Man 2 toys on page 324, but just a list: no photos.

Transformers are listed on page 328, but it's nothing we didn't already know about.

NECA has some great stuff listed on page 329. And also Twilight, which includes the first-ever Sparkling Edward. Ough. Anyway, the good stuff includes Resident Evil
re-releases, the supposedly exclusive Dante's Inferno figure, realistic Friday the 13th toys (including a human Freddy) and a 7" Clash of the Titans Perseus.

Like Kingdom Hearts? Then get to page 348 to order the Christmastown Sora and King Mickey

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