OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 11

This is the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • JOE FRIDAY! Rather than a miniseries or storyarc, like all the other DVD Battles sets come with, this one includes a "best of" selection: the opening of "G.I. Joe: The Movie"; "The Phantom Brigade"; "The Viper is Coming"; "Skeletons in the Closet"; and "My Favorite Things." Really, other than the opening and "TViC," none of these deserve... (...more)
  • Mattel continues to try to appeal to MOC collectors by placing the figures in dynamic positions in the package. Visually, it looks great, but due to the rubbery plastic used to make these figures, it's still causing problems. When I removed the figures from the package, Ultraman's leg was twisted outward, as if someone had broken his leg at the knee... (...more)
  • The Zombie Decal Kit is sold in a fancy envelope printed with a scene of the zombies on the front, along with the cute slogan, "when there's no more room in Minimate Hell, the dead will walk the earth." If you've purchased the first two kits, you know what to expect from this one; if this is your first time, you'll find two identical sheets of stickers... (...more)
  • MOTU MONDAY! Stratos features the same small but graphics-intensive packaging we've seen on the other MOTU Classics figures. Stratos arrived in a much smaller shipping box, and his card and bubble were in better condition than He-Man and Beast Man's were. While I don't spend much time with my figures in package, I do like what Mattel is doing... (...more)
  • MARVEL MONDAY! Wolfsbane comes from the same New Mutants subset that gave us Magik and Warlock. The line came out in 1999, when ToyBiz was just starting to flirt with officially abandonning their longstanding 5" scale, so looking back at this from a modern perspective, you can really pick up hints of where Marvel action figures would soon be going... (...more)
  • TRANSFORMERS TUESDAY! The vehicle mode is... some kind of aircraft trailer. The kind of huge sledge they load large planes on and drag them around. It's actually designed to cart "Armada" Jetfire, but since I don't have that, it remains empty. It's a huge brick of a toy that can either hook onto Prime's trailer, or be pulled around by the included... (...more)
  • This figure is a repaint first and a kitbash second. From the pelvis up it's the same Cyborg Superman we got in DCSH but the legs are from the Superman in DCU6. There's no problem with that, though: DCU is built around re-use, so it's what we'd expect - plus, the different legs aren't only comic-accurate, they help to differentiate this figure from... (...more)
  • WWEDNESDAY! Befitting his royal status, The King comes with his crown. It's a surprisingly ornate accessory, made from several pieces rather than being a single solid lump. It looks like a combination of metal, cloth and fur, though of course it's all just plastic. It's shaped to fit his head perfectly, held on tightly by nothing more than friction... (...more)
  • John Belushi put as much effort into his Samurai costume as he did into learning Japanese - that is, none. His "kimono" is nothing more than an old bathrobe, and all he did to his pair was pull it up into a ponytail. Hardly authentic, but then, that's part of the charm. The figure's done in a 6" scale, so he actually reaches 6 1/2" thanks to the topknot... (...more)
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