OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 18

Do not give up the OAFEnet Email Update for Lent.

  • If you look at this week's OEU and last week's, you may notice that we had 11 days in a row with new content from yo go re. If you ask us, he's just trying to hog the spotlight. But whatever the reason behind it, we can probably forgive him taking a shortcut on Joe Friday.
  • Against all odds, this review mentions neither fools not any sort of sad, disappointed feelings you may have toward them. That seems like an oversight.
  • On Valentine's Day, we performed a public service, trying to make next year better than this year.
  • This MOTU Monday review is a new version of an old favorite.
  • While this MOTU Monday was originally something new, but is now kind of old.
  • Having two reviews straight from the heart of Eternia didn't mean that we skipped our regular Marvel Monday, either - though you may have missed it, since it never showed up on the front page (yeah, our bad).
  • Transformers Tuesday was definitely old-school - so old, the "disguise" portion of the event doesn't even exist any more!
  • The subject of this week's WWEdnesday really straddles the line between new and old. Which side does it ultimately come down on? Make up your own mind.
  • And finally, your weekly dose of Rustin Parr. You know you love it!

There's no Email Preview this week, because none of next week's things are done yet. Don't forget to check out our Armchair Toy Fair Coverage to help lessen your disappointment.

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