OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 4

The OAFEnet Email Update is the bearer of bad news.

It's February, and that means Retro Month - the 28 days a year when we focus on ancient history. Normally that means the '80s toys your OAFEs grew up on, but in a bit of news that's sure to make our older readers want to kill themselves, 20 years ago it was 1990. Yeah. We're all going to get drunk now. Have some reviews.

  • We usually point to Arctic Batman as an example of a bad variation, but Joe Friday was an icy figure that works.
  • Last week we got an email expressing thanks for all the DC Universe reviews we've been doing, so that reader will probably love this double-dip.
  • Remember when we used to get Batman toys based on cartoons? It's been a long time, hasn't it?
  • So, as we moved into the new month, we had a retro Marvel Monday based on something that happened 25 years ago.
  • And just like last week, we paired that with a MotU Monday, because there's no such thing as a new MotU character.
  • Did you know when professional writers point out their own bad writing, that's called "lampshading" it? Keep that in mind as you read this Transformers Tuesday.
  • Also on Tuesday, yo made a classic Transformer out of paper.
  • When it comes to theme days not seen in a coon's age, it's hard to beat WWEdnesday. Remember that? Someone did.
  • The biggest news this week is a new Figuretoon. Not just a Quickie, but something that goes even beyond our usual idea of "full length." It's not an original work, though, which is why there's basically a new PoA article introducing the concept.
  • Our final review of the week is definitely old - he's so old, in fact, that he's dead!

We've got more retro reviews lined up for next week, so keep checking back for more Old Toys Month excitement!

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