OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 18

The OAFEnet Email Update makes more sense than a Texas schoolbook.

  • There's a moral in this week's Joe Friday, and it is this: don't be misled by paint apps. Imagine, oh, let's say Quick Kick popping out of nowhere to tell some kids about that, then they all laugh.
  • Saturday's review was a reader request, a two-pack with one figure you can't get anywhere else.
  • Some things are perennial, such as a good joke or a good toy. This set manages to be both.
  • Stumped about what to review for Marvel Monday, we put it to a vote. Remember, if you check our message board regularly, you can get in on things like that, shaping the very future of the site you love!
  • Are you on Twitter? Find out who else is.
  • Transformers Tuesday is one fans have been awaiting for years (because it kept getting canceled or pushed back).
  • Wednesday brought an end to a series that seems to have been going forever. And since it was St. Patrick's day, we went with a green figure, because that was about as thematic as we were willing to be.
  • And to close out the week, a character whose very name is a byword for being incredibly lame. Can he buck his own trend?
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