OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 25

Quick, get in your panic room! Here comes the OAFEnet Email Update!

  • Joe Friday was a deluxe pack that mixed old and new in a good way, and had a very appealing color scheme, to boot.
  • Saturday's new review has exactly what you want: a big plastic chest.
  • Brace yourself for the thrill of a mediocre, forgotten character.
  • MotU Monday finally swelled the meager ranks of the good guys - not that He-Man ever really seems to need any help.
  • Transformers Tuesday was a set that nobody really gave a chance. Is it an overlooked gem, or rightly ignored?
  • Rustin summoned one of last year's SDCC exclusives, possibly only to share his disappointment with you all.
  • And to finish things off, the second-shortest figure we reviewed all week.
  • As a special bonus, we updated and reformatted two older reviews this week. Very old reviews, from our second month of existence. You can see them here and here.
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