OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, April 1

No joke - it's the OAFEnet Email Update!

Since today is April 1st, the one day when nothing on the internet is worth reading, we waited until late in the evening to send out the OEU - we didn't want you to think it was a scam, or filled with joke links. No more than usual, at any rate.

  • We did more than just a two-pack of figures for Joe Friday: if you look closely at the end, you'll notice there's a custom figure lurking back there.
  • Want to know how it was made? You just need to visit our message board.
  • Speaking of which, though, check out this awesome, heavily armed War Machine custom.
  • Saturday's review was also a two-pack, continuing the early trend of the weekend.
  • Think Sunday's review will also be a two-pack? Wrong! Ha, we fooled you there, made you complacent. It's actually two two-packs!
  • Marvel Monday? Two-pack! A long-delayed pair of figures, too. We've been waiting for these for... months, at least. Possibly even longer? Hard to say.
  • Mattel sent out word about their first officially announced SDCC figure this week (remember, we saw others at Toy Fair, but they haven't been announced).
  • Finally feeling a bit of burn-out, Transformers Tuesday is just a single figure (though if you count it having two modes, that'd still count, wouldn't it?).
  • If zombies had to fight superheroes, they'd have to be very picky about which ones they faced, wouldn't they? You'd have to imagine this guy would be high on the list, if only for ease of access.
  • In honor of today being April Fools' Day, we picked the one character to review who absolutely belonged there.
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