OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, May 13

Spoiler warning: this is the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • Take one pre-existing figure, one pre-existing accessory, give it a new name and you've got a new character! At least, that's what Joe Friday would have you believe.
  • Do you like your toys ugly and wildly off-model? Then by gum, you're going to like this one!
  • Hey, speaking of ugly and off-model, Sunday's review isn't much better. Half of it, at least: Rustin says part of this two-pack is the best in the line.
  • This week's Marvel Monday has a bonus to go along with it, but it may be tough to spot. Didn't see it? There's a new custom figure linked within!
  • You have to give Hasbro credit: they do their best to make sure hard-to-find toys get out one way or another; this week's Transformers Tuesday is proof of that!
  • Last week we flooded you with Iron Man reviews. This week we're doing a bit of the same, because the movie was just too good to ignore. And by "ignore" we mean "not ride the coattails of." Enjoy this super-rare exclusive while we cash in on the free publicity.
  • Your final review this week has been waiting for a few weeks. Email subscribers got to see it as a preview a while back, and now it's officially unveiled.
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