OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, May 27


Are you excited? You should be!! This week's update is brought to you by our letters "F" and "K"!

  • In celebration of this week's sensationally satisfying Lost finale that answered all of our questions whilst wrapping up both the main plotline and the alternative universe story in a truly inspiring, powerful way, Joe Friday is a review of two of the best characters from last year's best film.
  • The announcement of Ghostbusters 3 has been causing quite a stir, with shooting having just commenced in Milwaukee at all your favourite locations, so here's a review of two of the central characters from the first film's love story.
  • The only thing that wrapped up better than Lost was Battlestar Galactic, featuring another sensationally satisfying finale that answered all of our questions and gave the characters a perfect send-off, so here's a review of the lead character, President Fierro "Capsicum" Roslin.
  • This year's big film event is Iron Man 2, truly the finest filmmaking ever made ever, and here's a review of the principal character.
  • In the upset leading to Betty White being cast as Megan Fox in TRANSFORM3RS, here's a review of one of your favourite characters from the Oscar-winning sequel.
  • There's nothing better in life than the many memorable characters that the expanded DC Universe has to offer, and here's two of them.
  • Truly the best game of the year, Final Fantasy 13 delivers on smart, taut gameplay that doesn't draw out the simple, non-convoluted story into needless hours of repetition nor take its time teaching you all the many smart, taut mechanics within. Here's a review of your mum.

Until next week, take care, crackers.

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