Hasbro's mega movie-crossover

Here's an interesting bit of news from some random site no one's ever heard of: Hasbro's trying to develop a movie based on their properties.

"But wait," you say. "This isn't news - they've been pushing for movies based on their toys for years now." Yes, but this is different: they want to develop a movie based on their properties. One movie, multiple properties. Like if Toy Story used nothing but Hasbro toys.

Think about all the properties Hasbro owns. Cabbage Patch Kids, Jenga, Play-Doh, all those things they keep trying to push for their "Family Game Night"... lots of and lots of things that could never support a story of their own film, but might work in an ensemble. And that's what Hasbro is aiming for.

Basically, the idea is to rip off Night at the Museum, but set it inside a Hasbro toy factory. Sounds thrilling, doesn't it?

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