OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, July 15

Just like you, the OAFEnet Email Update dreads "Matty Day."

While you're waiting for Mattel's site to stop reloading, why not read this week's new reviews? Bet we take less time than they do.

  • Our new Joe Friday review was a two-fer, dipping back to the earliest days of the line and providing our usual dose of behind-the-scenes info.
  • Shocka took off and wrote a new review from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.
  • Do you like your overpowered war machines to be short and squat? Then brother, have we got the review for you!
  • Something special for MotU Monday this week: a character who's never had an action figure before! How about that!
  • Transformers Tuesday is new... old... well, he's something, at any rate. He's a character in search of line to belong to, is what he is.
  • Lizards like the cold, right? That's what Doctor Who teaches us.
  • And finally, to close out the week, one of the most powerful (yet overshadowed) villains in the DC universe.
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