OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 9

The OAFEnet Email Update walks the Earth like Kwai Chang Caine.

  • There's a whole new GI Joe line out there on the pegs now, and we've got our first review of it for Joe Friday. This is an old character with a pretty radical redesign; but is it for the better, or for the worse?
  • Speaking of redesigns, Saturday's new review was a shockingly good Batman toy - and it's not even Batman!
  • "Disguises" seem to be the theme of the week... or at least "things you wear on your face but can also take off." Even this Star Wars review got in on the action.
  • This figure has a helmet, yes, but not a removable one: take it off, and all you'll see is a headless suit of armor.
  • MotU Monday, though? Totally has a mask you can take off.
  • New month, new Previews, but not a ton of stuff?
  • Get your Transformers Tuesday with a side helping of scorn and stupidity.
  • Take one existing figure, give it a new head and a single, minor change in the paint apps, and you have a recipe for... well, not "success," really, but not abject failure, either. Indifference.
  • Amazingly, we're still not done reviewing SDCC Exclusives. How much longer can we shamelessly drag this out? Here, have four figures at once.
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