OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, December 2

The OAFEnet Email Update is still living off turkey and sweet potatoes.

When last we left you, we were about to head out to fight the crowds for Black Friday. Obviously, we all survived. Hopefully you either got some great deals, or slept in late and laughed at the rest of us.

  • You've probably already read this Joe Friday review - it was already hanging out when you went to see last week's update. But just think, that means that in a few hours you'll be able to see NEXT week's listing!
  • Up next was a hooded mystery man, with paint that actually lived up to its sculpt for once.
  • Here we have an artifact from the '90s that was already old before its time.
  • MotU Monday is a figure that betrays the fanbase, fails to live up to its promise, or was willfully misassembled, depending on which faction of fanboys you listen to. Only Poe can tell you the whole truth.
  • We reviewed two figures for Transformers Tuesday - a big one and a little one, all together in one package.
  • And finally, a review of a figure that comes in either two or three variations, depending on how lucky you are. Lots of pictures and a history lesson in this one.

Don't forget, it's the end of 2010, so it's time for the annual Toy of the Year Awards. Swing by our message board and tell us what you think deserves to win.

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