OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 6

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After the double-sized onslaught of Green Lantern week, we're feeling a bit perfunctory. So here, have some reviews to read.

  • Since Joe Friday was squished in between two other reviews (including last week's five-pack), we went for a quickie review of an older figure.
  • No hangovers for us on the first day of the new year - we were too busy getting this ancient two-pack written.
  • A new year means a new series of Marvel figures, and we grabbed one of those for this week's Marvel Monday.
  • In theory, Transformers Tuesday should have been a flash to write. As it is, it's full of pointless photos that probably don't tell you anything useful.
  • Last week, it was a toss-up to see if we'd review the big GL five-pack, or just a solo figure: ironically, we skipped this figure then because the five-pack was faster!
  • And since it's January now, that means it's time for yo's annual airing of his dirty laundry. Shake your head in astonishment at how much he wastes.
  • We haven't had a chance to post it anywhere yet, but here's a piece of news that will make some toy fans happy: Stephen Sommers is no longer involved with the GI Joe movie sequel. Back to square one, then!
  • Since it's a new month, here's the new Previews listing.
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