GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - recasting the Joes?

So, the script has writers, the director has been chosen, and the producer is pushing right ahead. But what about the actors?

In their coverage of the Jon M. Chu news, The Hollywood Reporter had this interesting bit of news:

Sources say Paramount may find itself recasting major roles. While Channing Tatum is expected to return as Duke, it is unclear if Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose dance card has filled out considerably since breaking out in Inception, will return as one of the villains. Insiders say Sienna Miller is also unlikely to return, with her Baroness role being recast or perhaps divided into a couple of new characters.

Cobra Commander being recast isn't a huge deal - heck, changing the guy behind the mask has been a plot in both the comics and the cartoons, so there's no reason it shouldn't happen in real life, as well. And with the right wig and glasses, anybody can be the Baroness. Now, would you prefer to see her recast, or written out?

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3 Responses to GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - recasting the Joes?

  1. Monty Prime says:

    With the mask, and distorted voice, no one could really even tell if Cobra Commnder was a different guy. And it could even be motivation for them to keep the mask on the entire time, which is certainly a plus.

    And, while I'd prefer keeping the same Baroness, if they must make a change, I'd rather they recast her. The Baroness is too important in GI Joe to write out.

  2. PrfktTear says:

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a fine actor whose career I am sure is still in its infancy... that said, there is no way Tommy from 3rd Rock from the Sun should have EVER been cast as Cobra Commander.

  3. Rustin Parr says:

    I'd far rather they just reboot and do a sort of "Incredible Hulk" pseudo-sequel so we could move past the lame costume, entirely terrible cast and horrible plot of the first film.

    I don't care what happens to Baroness as long as shes evil and is not Duke's girlfriend.

    And please, lord god, please get rid of Tatum and Wayans. With Chu on board its far less likely to happen but what they need to do is take a page from The Expendables and its success by giving each team member a specific skill or strength (you know... like in the source material) so that its more than just a bunch people in black jumpsuits punching other people in black jumpsuits.

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