OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 3

What can be done to stop the OAFEnet Email Update?

Believe it or not, we're still putting up our Toy Fair coverage. Hit up our message board for the newest. While that happens, though, here are this week's reviews:

  • Joe Friday was an all-new take on a boring old favorite.
  • Saturday we reviewed an ancient con exclusive from a property most people have entirely forgotten about.
  • Then Sunday, yo wrote a new Point of Articulation all about his favorite kiddie toy.
  • Marvel Monday was a set previously covered in one of Rustin's weekly posts, but now it's gotten a full review.
  • Then, we picked up a review where we left off two months ago.
  • And finally, Rustin's new Spoils of the Week post, with Marvel Legends, GI Joe and lots and lots of Playmobil. Prepare to spend your money!

Of course, this is also the point of the OEU where we entreat you to visit our blog. This week we have videos, reviews and even some movie news.

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