Mattel's SDCC exclusives revealed

So, earlier today Mattel confirmed via Twitter that their Comic-Con 2011 exclusives would be announced on G4TV's Attack of the Show tonight at 7. Cool.

Well, don't have a television? Can't watch AOTS when it airs? Then come back here in a few hours and we'll liveblog the experience repeat what we see.

7:02: there was a blurb during the show intro teasing the segment, and what we could see during the brief glimpse was a Green Lantern Barbie, and what looks like a 3'-tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

7:17: The segment's starting. In quick flashes we see Young Justice "birth suit" Superboy, a "Monster High" doll, Polly Pocket figures as She-Ra characters, the GL Barbie, the MotU exclusive (Queen Marlena w/ dress and space-suit, Cringer), and some kind of... Hot Wheels Frankenberry thing?

Anyway, the first official reveal is Movie Masters Kilowog, first available at SDCC, $25. Hal Jordan figure comes up to Kilowog's chest joint.

7:18: DCUC Swamp Thing! With biodegradable packaging shaped like his head. Internal skeleton, not external articulation (think about the "clicky" legs on Headless Horseman, LotR horse sets, etc., not "bendy"). He comes with a small diorama base. Only at the show, you can get two evil Un-Men to fight him. $30.

7:19: Voltron! Super articulated cartoon-style, with talking packaging. Think of the non-transforming Transformers for a hint at the style. Packaging will feature the entire opening narration. Comes with two Blazing Swords, $30.

7:20: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Semi-plush, so he's squishy. $70, packaging turns into diorama. Looks to be about 24" tall (four times the size of a standard GB figure.)

Okay, that's all the info we could get while typing. As soon as the video of the segment is posted, we'll update this again.

And here it is!

And now Mattel's got the full info and pictures on their site.

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  1. yo go re says:

    Man, can't beat that! Swamp Thing comes back to the DCU yesterday, and today he's announced as a DCUC figure? Wicked!

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