Minimate Mini-Review #14 - Cylon & Six

#14 - Cylon/Six

The first series of Battlestar Galactica Minimates came out on March 14, 2007, but there was a counter dump of Cylons a few months before that. Not that anyone actually got those. Anyway, this Cylon is the same as the one in the counter dump and the Cylon box set, so if you have either of those, you know what to expect: the standard Minimate body, with new pieces for the feet, hands, waist and torso, plus a fancy cap to create the face. For a full review of him (and all the other Cylons) see here. In addition to the single pack, this two-pack, and the box set, the plain Cylon was also available with this series' variant, as a bagged promotional giveaway, and in one of the TRU two-packs.

The packaging identifies this figures as "Six," but now that the series is over we know it's not. It never was. This is Six as she appeared in Baltar's head ("Head Six," as the scripts called her), easily identifiable because outside of Baltar's hallucinations, Six never wore this red dress. It's a famous icon of the series, but it only ever appeared in daydreams. The likeness is less "Tricia Helfer" than it is "girl," but it works fine for Six (whose name, incidentally, is a reference to The Prisoner). She gets fancy new hair, and a skirt piece with slits up the sides. Fun fact: she's going commando underneath! Her shins are painted with the straps running up from her shoes, a feature that pretty much every other representation has missed.

As mentioned, this set gets the variant. The costume comes from the Season 1 episode "Kobol's Last Gleaming," when Six leads Baltar to the Opera House to show him a vision of the future. She's wearing a rather conservative white dress - at least compared to the tight red number. It's a bit more billowy, and it comes with another new skirt piece, this one sculpted with lines to mimic the stitching on the actual garment. She's still got no underwear, but she's also going barefoot now. The hair is the same piece Head Six used, but the face is new: whereas regular Six was angry, this one is smiling widely. She's not wearing any lipstick, either, so overall it's a very different interpretation of her. Still attractive, without looking like a trollop.

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