OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, May 12

The OAFEnet Email Update can't go down like that!

  • Our first review of this week was a tie-in to the last review of last week. In other words, they were posted on consecutive days.
  • For Marvel Monday, a giant set featuring at least one character who's never had a toy before - maybe two.
  • Would you pay twenty times market value for a toy? Obviously SOMEONE would, or we wouldn't have this review for you.
  • Have you heard of the Toys R Us "Bump Up Program?" Do you know what it is, and how to use the system to save money? This blog post will tell you everything.
  • Mattel just keeps reaching for the bottom of the barrel, don't they? Here's a character few people remember and even fewer care about.
  • Rustin's "Spoils" post this week is all about Disney. Foreign Disney!
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