DC Direct Professor Zoom addendum

Did you catch that hint in my Professor Zoom review about how the buying wasn't as frustrating as it was in past years? Here's the story, champ!

Despite the sign denoting times to mob the Sails Pavilion to wait in line for a chance to get a wristband that allowed you to buy a figure there simply was no line at the Graphitti booth, so I walked up and asked if I could get one.

"Sure, do you have a wristband?"


"Ok, just go to the other end of the booth and ask the guy in the hat for one."

"...Okay..." A quick stroll to the opposite end of the booth revealed a guy who, in fact, was wearing a hat. "Excuse me, she told me I needed to come see you about getting a wristband...?"

"Oh yeah, sure. Give me your arm."

I stuck out ol' lefty and around it he fastened one of those sticker wristbands popular at concerts. I then walked back up to the first girl, smiling as I held up my wrist. She grabbed a Zoom off the rack and handed him to me, "please hold out your wrist," which I did so that she could cut off the band. I was then sent to a third person at a cash register who I paid (they charge tax, too, so thanks for that little bonus, Graphitti) before walking off a little baffled by what just happened. I'm sure they expected a big rush as in previous years and conventions, so perhaps needed cut wristbands for accounting, but seriously? That whole thing just redefined overkill.

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3 Responses to DC Direct Professor Zoom addendum

  1. PrfktTear says:

    If only they were pulling the shtick wherein you walked to the other end of the booth and was the same person, only wearing a hat.

  2. Friginator says:

    I'd check your wrist for microchips.

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