OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, August 11

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It's our first full week of August reviews, so the SDCC links really start hitting in earnest. Read up on the things you'll have to wildly overpay to own!

  • Our first review isn't exactly an exclusive, but there's only one store in the world where you can buy it now - the other stores will carry it later.
  • Sunday's new offering would be right at home in Old Toys Month, and the best summation for the toy we can give is "man, I hope this thing is re-released so everybody can buy one!"
  • It's not a review, but Monkey Boy has some new cool shirt designs to show you.
  • This was a MotU Monday week, and this review brings us two (and a half) characters who have never had a toy before.
  • Transformers Tuesday also gave us two (and a half) characters, but they've all had plenty of toys before. Just never like this.
  • Rustin started listing off all the stuff he bought while he was in San Diego.
  • Email subscribers got to read this review last week, as their preview. If you sign up, you get to see some reviews early, too!
  • Our fans have been posting more of their own reviews on the message board, and now the inevitable has happened: someone's finally reviewed a My Little Pony.

As always, we remind you to read our blog. http://blog.oafe.net/ We have three addendums, two videos, an exclusive review and even the contents of this month's Previews catalog. And it doesn't even require registration to add your comments to any post!

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