Return of Bruce Wayne: the covers

Today we finished reviewing the Return of Bruce Wayne figures from DC Direct, so it seemed like a good time to show you the very cool covers the series had.

We'll start with the main covers for the book, which interlocked to form a subtle image:

See how the backgrounds line up to form the batsymbol? You've got a hill, the town, a giant wave, a rocky mesa, the Eisnerian fence and finally a rooftop, and they all look perfectly unobtrusive when viewed alone, but come together well.

Andy Kubert gave an interview to IGN about the creation of the covers:

I had talked with Mike [Marts] about trying to get the covers to somehow interconnect with each other to form one image. My idea was that it would be great for retailers to rack them on one shelf so that they could form one big poster type thing. Mike liked that idea too. But at that time, we didn't have a clue as to how to do it.

It took awhile (and banging my head against the table) to come up with the idea of using the Bat Symbol in the background landscapes to interconnect the covers, but I think it worked out fairly well.


I also wanted the covers themselves to be of the pin-up type, but to have a story attachment to them without it becoming too story heavy, especially since I didn't know what the stories were. The covers should focus on the main characters but instead of having them just standing, I wanted them to be doing something.

So those are the normal covers. There were also variants, featuring headshots of Bruce by the issue's artist:

(Click on any of those covers to go to their respective reviews.)

And here, as a bonus, here's the variant cover to issue #5, featuring the Noir Detective Batman we'll probably never see as a figure:

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  1. Frowny says:

    That they'll never get to "Noir" Batman is surprising considering that that shot alone suggests he'd be fine as a stand in for a Don Draper action figure.

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