ATFC '16 - Day 2: NECA

Simon Belmont is joining NECA's 8-bit line, with the same molds we've seen before:

That's as far back as they've yet gone to find a mold!

We've already got Ripleys from Alien and Aliens, so why not Alien 3? Plus, the Weyland-Yutani Commandos, in their bulky white armor:

Arkham City Harley Quinn is joining NECA's line of life-size replicas. We're not kidding: a life-size Harley Quinn you can buy. Surely nothing gross will happen to THAT!

At last, Kenner's old Predator line is getting the same updated treatment that the old Aliens line got. Yes, that one on the left will really glow in the dark:

We got a new look at the upcoming Rambo and Commando repaints 8-bit Contra figures, in a big fancy display:

NECA's clearly got the Playstation license back, because now they're making Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake and Ultimate God of War figures:

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