BrickStix on "Conan"

We here at OAFE are fans of Conan - not this one, the late-night comedian. It was true all the way back when he as on at 12:35, and it's true now when he's on TBS. Last week one of his guests was 12-year-old inventor Greyson MacLean. You certainly don't know the name, and you may not even know the product, but now's your chance to learn:

Remember Colorforms? Well BrickStix are basically the same thing: vinyl shapes that use static cling rather than adhesive to hold onto a plastic surface. That means you can reuse them, change them as you see fit, or even put them over multiple bricks without worrying about them tearing when you take the set apart. Clever work, kid! And you comported yourself well on the show.

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  1. yo go re says:

    I saw these at TRU today!

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