OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, November 10

Nothing can stop the OAFEnet Email Update - except a single day of slightly colder than average temperatures.

So, no email last week because a freak snowstorm knocked out all power and internet access at the OAFE offices, which meant we couldn't update the site. We still did all our work, though, meaning that we were able to immediately catch up as soon as we returned to the 21st century.

  • Remember when it was still Horror Month? Good, because our first few reviews are from that long ago. This is a four-pack with some teeth.
  • This figure ended up spending more than a week as the "newest" thing on our site.
  • Here's a pair of villains that would have been a lot more fun to read about back when they were MEANT to be posted.
  • We finished out October with a new MotU Monday, featuring an appropriately scary monster.
  • Our blog readers got an early notice about what Transformers Tuesday would be, when a pre-scheduled addendum went up without the review to accompany it.
  • Rustin's Spoils also went up, featuring a lot of small toys and two big ones.
  • After that was a DC figure that raises some questions.

So that was Week 1 of this email update. But we still had no electricity, so you may have missed the early part of Week 2, as well.

It was nice to know so many of you missed us while we were gone - we're just as happy to be back on the air as you are to see the site's October pumpkin design go away.

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