"Transformers Tuesday" meets "Doctor Whosday"

Hey customizers: get to work on this!

Think of all the Mini-Cons he could fit in his chest!

Edit: Whoops, that's not Soundwave, it's Optimus Prime! So let's borrow some text from his bio, instead:

"On Earth he would have been a Doctor, a mechanic, a scientist and a warrior, but on Gallifrey there is no difference between these professions."

It does explain where his trailer goes when he transforms, though!

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4 Responses to "Transformers Tuesday" meets "Doctor Whosday"

  1. yo go re says:

    You're letting the colors fool you: that's Optimus Prime, not Sounwave. Look closely at his head, and at the shape of his gun...

  2. PrfktTear says:


  3. VECTORFAN says:

    Somebody do Dalek Galvatron!

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