OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 16

It's your OAFEnet Email Update - use it when you need it.

  • Last week we covered a Generation 1 toy, so this week's Joe Friday was Generation 2. Care to guess what next week's will be?
  • Saturday's review definitely fits the theme of Old Toys Month, by being created for the toy market of 1978.
  • Sunday was a mighty space man we all know and love.
  • Marvel Monday went back to the 90s for this ToyBiz gem.
  • And even further back for MotU Monday!
  • Hope you're in the mood to watch videos, because this new Point of Articulation column has nine of them.
  • Who doesn't love a crazy old man who seems constantly on the verge of violence? That's what WWEdnesday is all about.
  • And what did Rustin buy this week? A ton of Star Wars stuff.

While you're on the blog, be sure to scroll back for our Toy Fair coverage. We didn't take any photos this year, opting instead to be the first to EVER bring you live, streaming footage of all the events you wanted to see. Hundreds of you watched live, but if you missed the event due to work or school or temporary allergic reaction to technology, you can watch the archived versions all up on the blog.

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