OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 22

One free OAFEnet Email Update to the first person out there who delivers some DQ Blizzards to our office.

  • If there were some non-obnoxious way to embed a sound file into a page, we would have done it for Joe Friday. Imagine loading the page and hearing that familiar "CHUNG-CHUNG" sound.
  • Sunday was a figure from a movie that's opening shortly. Point and laugh as yo reveals the depths of his ignorance.
  • The voting for this week's Marvel Monday was a real squeaker! It came down to one big push right before the end.
  • Of course, that means it's time to vote for next week's review.
  • Transformers Tuesday was hiding a surprise second robot!
  • Rustin went to Wonder Con, and bought the only (vaguely) toy-related exclusive they had.
  • A fun topic on our message board: what's your most suicidal figure?
  • And this review repeats a lot of the same complaints as one from last week.

You'll definitely want to see what we had for you on the blog: there were videos, a review, and a house made out of Lego?

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