OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, July 26

The opinions expressed by the OAFEnet Email Update are less controversial than a stupid chicken restaurant's.

  • In the Navy, any craft that travels above the water is a ship, and any craft that travels below the water is a boat. So Joe Friday has the wrong name.
  • Did you go to see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend? If so, you can join in the discussion on our message board.
  • Sometimes all it takes to make you buy a toy is a slightly different paint scheme.
  • Marvel Monday turned out better than expected.
  • And MotU Monday has a spoilery blog post to go along with it.
  • How much you like Transformers Tuesday will depend on whether or not you think size matters.
  • And we wrapped up the week with what may be the least-detailed DC figure ever made.

This week on the blog we've had several addendums, an exclusive review, Rustin's SDCC wrap-up and more. You know you can't wait to read it all! We also spotlight two Kickstarter projects that deserve your attention.

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