Public humiliation done right

An awesome story from some rando's Tumblr:

Took my little sister toy shopping today. After much browsing, she chose a pack of Hot Wheels cars. She wanted to pay so I gave her the money. As we were waiting in line, some dude waiting behind us asks:

"Buying those for your brother?"

My sister gives him a weird look, "No. They're mine."

"You sure you want those, sweetheart? Those are for boys." He says.

Before I can say anything, my sister yells, like truly yells at the top of her lungs, "MY MOMMY IS A GIRL AND DRIVES A CAR EVERY DAY! GIRLS CAN HAVE CARS TOO!"

The people in front of us in line turn around. The cashier actually stops what she's doing. Everyone stares at this guy and he just sort of turns red, grabs his kid, and disappears into the Lego aisle.


Ha indeed, screaming little child.

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