OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 13

The OAFEnet Email Update knows a "real geek" when it sees one. Rawr!

  • We didn't have a Joe Friday review this week, so instead we took a second look at our Top 10 list.
  • Saturday's review may or may not have a racial slur in its name, depending on what century you live in.
  • If we could have found a tangerine for Sunday's figure to hold, we would have put that in the review, too.
  • What strange world are we living in? Marvel Monday was an exclusive that isn't ridiculously hard to find.
  • Here's a three-pack that really should have been a single.
  • Rustin bought a lot of small, cheap things this week.

Also on the blog we had a video, a blindbagged figure decoder, a bonus Spoils post and more. Visit every day to keep up with it all.

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