OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 18

Gosh all fishhooks, it's the OAFEnet Email Update!

So, now that we're more than halfway through October, it seems safe to mention this without jinxing it: yo is trying to write a new review every day this month. That means more horror reviews being pushed into your eyes, so make sure you don't miss a day!

  • Is Joe Friday right for Horror Month? It's named after a terrifying mythical beast, so you're darn right it is!
  • Here's a giant spaceman with a fearsome mask.
  • An unexpected '80s throwback that also fills our weekly "werewolf" quota.
  • Some monsters spit - this one swallows.
  • We got this MOTU Monday done just in time for the figure's re-release on Matty Collector.
  • Marvel Monday was part mad scientist, part monster.
  • How does Transformers Tuesday fit into Horror Month? It's right there in the first half of his name!
  • This figure should have been available to everybody, but it was turned into an SDCC exclusive. And then it didn't sell well, so it became a NYCC exclusive, as well.
  • WWEdnesday proved you don't always have to know what a figure is supposed to be in order to like it.
  • And finally, a figure we should have reviewed a decade ago.

Of course, there's even more cool stuff on the blog - a couple Halloween images, a review and a short video that's appropriate for this time of year.

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