A new kind of Santa suit

Miniature sleigh? Eight tiny reindeer? That's old-school, son! Santa's gone high-tech to keep up with the times!

You can see St. Nick sitting in the cockpit, and check out the deco on the robot's arms:

Ha! That's killer. And on the back, we have a pod full of toys nestled right between the rocket boosters.

But... wait. What's that there, in with the toys?

It's an elf who obviously got too close to the loading chute and was sucked up! Hope Santa notices before some little girl or boy finds Hermey in their stocking.

This is a very cool design. And the whole thing's up on Flickr, if you want to see comically large versions (so you can figure out how to build your own).

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  1. Mark says:

    No matter how many LEGO creations I see, I'm still amazed by the awesomeness people can make!

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