OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, April 18

Take it to a whole new-- nah, just keep it at the same level with the OAFEnet Email Update this time. It's a good level.

  • Joe Friday was originally meant for a two-pack, but you'll have to check out the addendum to this review to learn more about that.
  • This review was last week's email preview - which was apparently confusing?
  • Here's a cool toy that shows you "Iron Man 3" isn't the only time you'll see an armored Pepper this summer.
  • A Marvel Monday review? Okay then.
  • See, that was weird because this was a MotU Monday week.
  • Transformers Tuesday is only so-so, but becomes amazing with a mod made up by one of our readers.
  • Rustin bought his biggest toy ever.
  • And yo bought the ugliest.

This was a good week for bloggery. There's the addendum we told you about before, as well as North Korea's declaration of war, parts of the Transformers movie you've never seen before, and the sick and twisted future of all entertainment. You know you can't resist a visit.

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