Unseen Transformers movie scenes

Here's something cool: a couple of deleted scenes from Transformers: the Movie, (re)created by taking music cues from the original soundtrack and laying them over storyboard animatics.

The first one comes about 20 minutes into the movie, as Optimus Prime charges to the rescue in Autobot City:

I believe this scene was animated as it exists in very late production notes & music was written to accompany it. It was cut as Nelson Shin felt it ruined the flow of Prime's attack leading up to his battle with Megatron. Ultra Magnus, Tracks, Sideswipe & Red Alert were picked to attack Devastator as they all have rocket launchers. It also explains what Megatron was looking at when Prime found him.

You can never go wrong with more Devastator.

The next bit is about 57 minutes in, as Galvatron orders the Sweeps to attack Ultra Magnus:

In the storyboards Ultra Magnus had a much more barbaric death at the hands of the Sweeps. As you can see in the video, he is literally pulled apart. This scene was animated but removed due to concerns over the violence. There are many clues in the film that this scene should still be there. The audio matches this version exactly, Magnus sounds like he is being pulled apart. You see the Sweeps fire out 4 solid beams towards Magnus. Finally Galvatron catches the Matrix when it falls perfectly into his hands from above.

Oh snap! Literally. It does raise the question of how Ultra Magnus would still be useable for the cartoon after this, which may be part of why they changed it as well.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    I believe the answer to the latter is "Bah-weep grahna weep ninny-bong!"

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