The Mattel Big Lots glut continues

Since July, Big Lots stores have been receiving shipments of stock from - toys that were formerly online exclusives were suddenly available in stores. This isn't like when Roboto and Gygor showed up at a single random Walmart last January; this is a nationwide event.

Mattel's official position was originally that these toys were overstock available in numbers too small to be worth putting on the website. But there are 1,495 Big Lots stores in America - if only ⅔ of them are getting Mattel stock (since some people have said that their local stores don't have anything), that's still one thousand individual locations carrying Mattel exclusives. And we're not talking about just one or two items, here: the stores that are getting things are getting multiples. And not only that, but multiple shipments of product, as well - some stores have restocked three or four times now!

Mattel's spokesmen are telling us that having 2,000 copies of Adora or the Ghostbusters (as examples) isn't enough stock to put on their website? Just how bad of a retailer is Digital River?

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