What kind of collector are you?

Rate yourself on the patented OAFEscale! Do you buy everything - multiples of everything - or do you buy what you like when you like it, and give it up later? Where do you fall on a continuum of Rustin to Poe? Now you can grade your performance against the greatest metric of all: us!

Do it! You know you want to!

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11 Responses to What kind of collector are you?

  1. yo go re says:

    "Buys way too much?" I'd be insulted if that weren't so devastatingly accurate...

  2. Mark says:

    Right now I'm the Monkey...but I'm slowly becoming a Yo.

  3. Nightboomfer says:

    Halfway between a Shocka and a Yo, with just a touch of Artemis

  4. Sledgehama says:

    I think I'm somewhat higher than a Yo but nowhere near Rustin. That sound you can hear is my wallet weeping...

  5. Joey Allen says:

    MONKEY WITH shocka tendencies. A few Japanese toys here and there, a few toys from my childhood, but my golden rule is only one representation with very few exceptions of each character....need two destros (one for cobra, one for iron grenadiers) a few Vader's and Jedi lukes, different scenes need different figures..G.I. Joe, Ill just make different characters out of the same figure (Rock and Roadblock are different characters in my "Joe-Verse", when a figures too cool, I gotta find a use for them

  6. Rustin Parr says:

    I would argue that I'm quite focused... of getting most everything

  7. metalsonic655 says:

    I'm a mix of The Monkey and The Shocka. I mostly buy Marvel figures, but if a toy is cool, or from a series I like, then I'll get it.

  8. jestergoblin says:

    Irrational completionist on a handful of lines (Super Hero Squad), retail completionist on a few other lines (LEGO mostly) and I dabble in a bunch of other smaller lines.

    I have a problem.

  9. victor von doombot. says:

    So YOU"RE the other SHS fan! I'm definitely the Monkey, as I was born in 1980.

  10. monkey boy says:

    for a second i was going to express shock at being listed as "moderate" considering my overflowing bins and panic-inducing credit card bill, but then i realized it was judging the "focus" of collecting habits, or lack thereof. so i'm the monkey. a durr.

  11. Friginator says:

    Used to be more of a Monkey, now I'm more of a Shocka. I don't really do Army Building or even Team Building anymore. I just buy whatever will look cool on my desk, and just rotate between those. Right now I've got a 6-inch scale S.H. Figuarts Freeza, A 7-inch scale Arkham City Hugo Strange, an old 5-inch scale Kenner Mr. Freeze, a little gashapon figure of the Pokemon "Garbodor", A 5-inch scale Revoltech Mister Incredible and a 6-inch scale Tom Servo. So a lot of different things in different scales, all there because I thought they would look sitting around my desk, and not because they fit into some sort of collection. That said, I still try to buy things that I can pose as much as possible.

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