Minimate Mini-Review #131 - Phoenix & Morrigan

#131 - Phoenix/Morrigan

While returning from space, the mutant Jean Grey was exposed to lethal levels of solar radiation. Her life was saved by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force, but its power threatened to consume her, pushing her to commit evil deeds as the Dark Phoenix.

The only difference between this Phoenix and the White Phoenix prepaint is the color. That's it. Otherwise, the paint masks and accessories are identical. So she still comes with the translucent Phoenix Force base, the '90s hair, and the sash belt, and even all the same shadows as that last figure.

Morrigan is a succubus, a demonic winged creature able to seduce men. Although she is the head of the Aensland House, one of the three major houses of the demon world, she often abandons her dull duties to go looking for excitement.

Morrigan comes from the world of Darkstalkers, but she's been a Minimate before (in the SFII line). Her signature features are two pairs of bat wings: a small pair on her head and a larger pair growing from her waist. These are new sculpts, since the original had the more simplified sculptural style of that era. Unfortunately, they're thin and flexible enough that they can get warped by their time in the package. The paint is decent, with the bat pattern on her legs covering both the front and outsides of the legs. Since Phoenix has the flame bird, the set only includes a stand for Morrigan.

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