Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures

Perhaps you've heard of Marauder Gun-Runners, the people who make cool little guns for GI Joe (or any similarly scaled line) to use. Well, now they have a Kickstarter for fully customizable action figures. For some reason, they're pushing them as "gaming" figures - possibly because games do better than toys - but there's no mistaking what this is.

Basically, each pledge level will get you a figure with a bunch of tiny removable pieces. As more stretch goals are unlocked, more accessories are available. And you can buy other figures if you're so inclined. The starting figures are available in desert camo, urban camo, or solid black, but there are other colors (including a completely unpainted "customizer's dream") planned for some of the higher stretch goals. So if you want some high quality military toys, give them a look.

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