How to remove chrome

Want to fix Cobra Commander? Maybe this will work:

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  1. Ronnie says:

    Why is the chrome so big an issue? I can get it when poorly applied or in an area that will wear like crazy, but that Cobra Commander IMO actually looks pretty cool with the chromed facemask. It's not like they went all Beast Wars Transmetals and chromed the whole figure and it's going to look terrible. If you treat it right, that Commander will keep on looking shiny for years to come.

    • Soundwinder says:

      Yeah, I'm very much against unnecessary chrome (and die-cast, but that's another issue) but in moderation, it's pretty nifty. And I think things like CC's facemask qualifies as moderation.

      Jetfire is... overkill, but I'm not going to remove that chrome.

      • yo go re says:

        Ah, I'm merely exaggerating for effect. CC's helmet isn't a big problem, because it's entirely possible he'd wear a mirrored faceplate into battle. It's about using chrome in ways that make sense: so Cobra Commander yes, Destro no.

        The real problem is stuff like Jetfire, who's just an example of Hasbro vac-metallizing things that don't make sense. What really makes it stupid is that they've said they're doing it FOR the fans, so I'm overacting, playing to the cheap seats in order to hopefully penetrate their awareness that no, throwing chrome on a toy is not a way to throw fans a bone...

        • Ronnie says:

          I think they did that on the TFs because fans kept going on about how much better Takara was and the one thing on face Takara does a lot more is CHROME. xD

  2. Rob says:

    Deco seems to be a way for Hasbro to "add value" to a product in light of rising costs and simplified designs. I just got the new Combiner Wars Legends and it seems the deco is some what improved in light of removing the weapon master partner yet keeping the price the same. It's like a small full-price Yoda figure having "value adding" soft-goods, Kenner admitted to that years ago.

    The chrome bits were the first thing I removed and carefully bagged up on Skyfire. I want G1 animated anyway. I just plain hate chrome no mater what it's on, cars, toys, it's just a pain!

  3. Lim Zero says:

    You can use Pine-Sol if you want to one step the process (that's what I used to strip the chrome off the Trendmasters Stealth Voltron figures). I wouldn't recommend it for non-chrome paint stripping though (it can work, but the plastic used for chromeing is made of sturdier stuff)

  4. Louche says:

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