Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Well Zombie review

Remember last year when we had Walking Dead Wednesdays all through October? Well guess what's back!

Funko's Walking Dead Mystery Minis are blind-boxed, meaning you have no clue (other than general size/mass) what you're getting until you rip off the plastic wrapped around the box, tear apart the glued-shut cardboard, and open the black plastic bag that's inside that. So if it's something you don't want or already have, you're boned! My comicshop, however, is really cool about that kind of stuff: whenever a new set of blind-boxed figures comes in, they go ahead and open one; if you don't like the one you bought, you can trade it for whatever one is standing on the cash register. And that's how my second RV Walker turned into a Well Zombie.

Like the RV Zombie and Bicycle Girl, the Well Zombie is one we've reviewed before. He's tubby and shirtless and wearing no shoes, so make your own slow-pitch joke about the series being set in the South; we don't have the time. His pants have jagged tears in the knees, and are sculpted with little pockets on the butt. His head is tilted to the side slightly, and is sculpted with thinning hair. His lips are gone, because that's Funko's shorthand for "zombie," and there's a (sculpted) rope looped under his armpits. His skin is a sickly color, and he's painted with red and green splotches. In a real rarity for this line, he has an action feature: he splits in half at the waist. Yay! He doesn't have any removable guts, but you could draw a ham on a piece of paper and put it in there.

The normal Well Zombie was packed 1:12, but there's also a glow-in-the-dark variant that was 1:72. No surprise that one wasn't hanging around the front desk, waiting to be traded in.

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