Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Denise Cloyd (In Memorium) review

The Walking Dead should change its name to "Gays Gone Bye."

Denise became Alexandria's doctor after Pete (Jessie's husband and the safezone's previous surgeon) got killed for being a shambling sack of toxic masculinity. She got the job despite having dropped out of med school due to anxiety-induced panic attacks (though switching to psychiatry would mean she would have had to do three years' residency at a hospital, so she had more experience than she let on), but she still managed to lose her very first patient. That's gotta be just great for the ol' self-confidence. She did get it together enough to eventually start a relationship with Tara, but unfortunately, that was at the end of the 2015/16 television season, which was a bad time to be queer. And now she's in the In Memorium series. Spoilers, I guess!

The In Memorium figures aren't quite black and white, but the colors are deeply desaturated, leaving Dense looking almost grayscale. She's wearing normal human clothes - jeans, a T-shirt, a hoodie - and has a brown satchel slung across her chest. Her left hand is molded holding the can of orange soda she'd scavenged as a gift for Tara. And since the humans in this series are depicted at or near the moment of their death, she's got a crossbow bolt sticking in the back of her head and out through her eye. Yes, she doesn't even get her own unique death, she inherits someone else's.

Denise is a 1:24 figure, available (in every second case of figures) in the middle left spot on the top layer.

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