Somebody at Play-Doh is gonna be in trouble Friday morning


Thing is, this "problem" was noticed and addressed last month, so parents who are mad about this only have themselves to blame.

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3 Responses to Somebody at Play-Doh is gonna be in trouble Friday morning

  1. Stecki says:

    Why should they blame themselves? It's not like parents are required to research every toy they buy beforehand to make sure there isn't a penis inside. And the problem clearly was not fully addressed, because the item was still obtainable.

    Jeez, you guys really say some stupid, snarky things sometimes. Maybe you should stick to reviewing minimates and complaining about chrome. It's ok if current events just isn't your thing.

    • symbiote1982 says:

      "Current events aren't your thing", there you go i fixed your whiney condensation out for you
      I mean really, is there any need for that comment? If a product warning/recall has been issued the onus is completely with the consumer, if they're too lazy to check on the products they purchase then that's their problem.
      And don't be knocking minimate reviews? Those things are a godsend.

      • yo go re says:

        Maybe people are looking at this all wrong: it's not an error, it's a service!

        If you give this toy to a kid, and they see it as a dick instead of an icing tube, then you know you need to call Child Protective Services...

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