Minimate Mini-Review #227 - Yondu & Sakaaran Trooper

#227 - Yondu/Sakaar Trooper

Rescuing Peter Quill from Earth when he was a baby, the blue-skinned Zatoan called Yondu raised the human infant as his own.

Yondu was a member of the original, set-in-the-future version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but his design was too cool not to use. Dark blue skin and a red mohawk? It's striking! Of course, covering him up in a brick red Ravager uniform (in this case, a molded trenchcoat, with the rest of the details - the straps, flaps, snaps and zippers - tampographed onto the standard body) does kind of hide the coolness. He has a decent Michael Rooker likeness, and a new mohawk piece. He doesn't include his magical whistle-controlled arrow, sadly; Blink's dart might have worked.

Ronan's personal shock troops, the Sakaarans are a fierce and aggressive race, known for their militaristic culture.

Okay, wow, I never noticed that in the movie - the troops were Sakaarans, as in "Sakaar," as in "the planet where Hulk crashed." Interesting! I was too distracted by the fact that inside their helmets their faces looked exactly like the Chitauri. The design was creepy on film, but it doesn't work great on a minimate. He just looks speckly, a brownish grey with dark spots all over - having a big red stripe on his chest doesn't make up for that. This is a design that needs texture to work, not just paint. He does have a removable helmet, proving that point. He's armed with a Sakaaran rifle, which is a new mold.

So far these are the only Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates I have, but I'm really looking forward to the others now, because these are perfectly sized to fit inside the main toyline's ships.

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