Marvel Legends addendum: dat body!

In today's review of the SDCC ML Thanos Imperative exclusive box set, we said that Black Bolt used Hasbro's new go-to body.

Here's a list of everyone else who uses it:

Now we can link to this page every time we mention it!

Dem bodies!
teen boy | teen girl
small male | medium male | beefy male | big male | suit male
superarticulated skinny | superarticulated thick | superarticulated large
skinny female | petite female | slender female | medium female | big female | giant female
Wolverines | Iron Men | Hulks

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2 Responses to Marvel Legends addendum: dat body!

  1. Soundwinder says:

    So what do we call the body? I mean, the "Bullseye body" had a ring to it, and it was clear enough. Ideas?

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