Marauder returns to Kickstarter

Remember Marauder Gun-Runners, the folks who make fancy weapons for GI Joe to use, and also ran the successful Marauder Task Force Kickstarter? Now they're back with a new project, and it's a rather exciting one.

For the first time, they're aiming at a larger scale - 1/12, to be precise. For those not mathematically inclined, that means 6" figures. Marvel Legends, DC Classics, etc. Wish your Punisher had a bigger arsenal? Could Deadshot use a sniper rifle? Who says Han Solo only ever used a blaster? Marauder has a track record of quality and reliability, and now they're bringing that to bear on a new scale. A new, larger scale, in which their notorious attention to detail will be even easier to appreciate.

They have a lot of cool pieces in the works, including impressive stretch goals, so head to the project page to make these guns happen.

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